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Here is a COUNTIF function with an additional range of values to match at the end. Why does it not work and how can I get it to work.

=COUNTIF('[DATABASE 1.xlsx]Sheet1'!$AC$3:$AC$51877,AND('[DATABASE 1.xlsx]Sheet1'!$AC$3:$AC$51877>=548,'[DATABASE 1.xlsx]Sheet1'!$AC$3:$AC$51877<=554)
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If you can't use COUNTIFS you subtract one COUNTIF from another like this

=COUNTIF('[DATABASE 1.xlsx]Sheet1'!$AC$3:$AC$51877,">=548")-COUNTIF('[DATABASE 1.xlsx]Sheet1'!$AC$3:$AC$51877,">554")

that counts between 548 and 554 inclusive

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nice trick! particularly useful for Excel version prior to 2007 –  JMax Mar 30 '12 at 18:34

You cannot use COUNTIF with AND because the second part must be a criteria.
Plus, the second part (criteria) shouldn't repeat the range.

You can use COUNTIFS if you are using Excel version 2007 or higher. Else, you can use an array formula.

Something like this maybe:

=COUNTIFS('[DATABASE 1.xlsx]Sheet1'!$AC$3:$AC$51877,">=548",
          '[DATABASE 1.xlsx]Sheet1'!$AC$3:$AC$51877,"<=554")
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