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I need to run 2 scripts alternatively and as fast as possible.

Is there a way to have one script run on the even minutes of an hour and the other on the odd minutes.

Short of writing all the minutes out by hand.

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0-59/2 * * * * first_script
1-59/2 * * * * second_script
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Why not just write out the minutes by hand? It will probably be clearer than trying to do anything clever - and only take about as many characters as posting this question.

I'm a big fan of "dumb" solutions which will obviously work, over trying to be clever.

Another alternative is to have one script which runs both of the others, one after another - then just run that one every other minute (0, 2, 4, ...)

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"And only take about as many characters as posting this question." that made laugh as i thought the same thing after posting the question ^_^ – cosmicsafari Mar 30 '12 at 15:59

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