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Could anyone tell me how to do the select function in SubSonic project to query all customer who will have birthday in next two week from today.

Table Customer Name Thomas DOB 19/09/1981

Thank you

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If you're only using one provider (most people are) and you want to take advantage of the table structs that SubSonic generates for you:

CustomerCollection customers = DB.Select().From(Customers.Schema)
  .And(Customers.Columns.DOB).IsBetweenAnd(DateTime.Today, DateTime.Today.AddDays(14))
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Please try this:

new Select("Provider").From("Customers")
.IsBetweenAnd(DateTime.Today, DateTime.Today.AddDays(14));

PS:- Provider is your SubSonic provider name.

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I think I need to explain more on what's I would like to have, I would like to send an email to all customer who birthday is in the next 2 weeks in 3 times, 2 weeks before his/her birthday, 3 days before and 1 days before.

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You should be able to edit your question to add this information to it. – ranomore Jun 16 '09 at 5:21

In SQL Server, this would be something like

select name, dob 
from customer
where datediff(day,getDate(),dob)+1 = 14 
or datediff(day,getDate(),dob)+1 = 3
or datediff(day,getDate(),dob)+1 = 1

In SubSonic, you could write this like so:

new Select(Customer.NameColumn, Customer.DobColumn)
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