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I'm plotting the plot below using R's plot function. It is a plot of a vector 'shiftTime' of shift in time. I have another vector 'intensity' of the intensity values ranging from ~3 to ~9. I want to color my points in the plot based on those values with a color gradient. The examples I can find color on the value of the actual plotted points, so in this case the values of the vector 'shiftTime'. Is it also possible to use a different vector, as long as the corresponding values are on the same index?

My plot

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Here's a solution using base R graphics:

#Some sample data
x <- runif(100)
dat <- data.frame(x = x,y = x^2 + 1)

#Create a function to generate a continuous color palette
rbPal <- colorRampPalette(c('red','blue'))

#This adds a column of color values
# based on the y values
dat$Col <- rbPal(10)[as.numeric(cut(dat$y,breaks = 10))]

plot(dat$x,dat$y,pch = 20,col = dat$Col)

enter image description here

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Solution using ggplot2:


#Some sample data
x <- sort(runif(100))
dat <- data.frame(x = x,y = x^2 + 1)
# Some external vector for the color scale
col <- sort(rnorm(100))

qplot(x, y, data=dat, colour=col) + scale_colour_gradient(low="red", high="blue")


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