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I have an node.js application that I can debug with node-inspector running:

node --debug app.js

But I want to use foreman to start my application so it will load environment variables in the .env file. Like so:

foreman start

Is there a way to run the app with foreman and also use node-inspector? I tried:

foreman start --debug

but didn't have any luck with that.


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Why not use node --debug app.js in your Procfile

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Thank you. This makes sense and helps me understand procfiles themselves more clearly :] –  jcarrig Mar 30 '12 at 22:40

If you only are concerned with environment variables, you may also consider using:

foreman run node --debug app.js

The run command isn't exactly the same as start; instead of firing up your entire app, it only runs a command in the context of your app's Heroku environment. So this may or may not work depending on your situation (if you have supporting workers, etc.).

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