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I have written a win32 program for detecting USB port device insert and removal. For this i have used dbt.h header file provided by system. But still my program fails to link to that and hence my program dont compile. I have Windows DDK installed on my system and i can find 4 diffrent dbt.h header files.

which one is correct one to connect and how to connect to it.

thanks in advance Vinayaka Karjigi

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You need to include the header file but you also need to link the dll that contains the actual code.

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Very true. Ensure that it matches the include file, if there is more than one. – ChrisBD Jun 15 '09 at 6:43
You need to link to the .LIB. The corresponding DLL is part of the OS. There are 4 versions to match different OS versions; take the lowest version you need to support. The Vista DLL is compatible with the XP header. – MSalters Jul 2 '09 at 15:55

How are you including this in your project? It is possible that you haven't got a search path set for the directory that the file resides in.

As there are multiple versions. I would copy the one that I want into the project directory and include using the quote format for local files rather than the chevrons for system files.

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