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I want to create a list of categories and map each category to a ListViewGroup.

As a start/stub, I've got this code ("listApplications" is a ListView):

private ListViewGroup GetGroupForCategoryName(string ACategoryName) {
  return listApplications.Groups[0];

...but I get, "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index"

Since a ListView has a default group (so I've read), I assumed that element 0 would be that default group. Do I need to explicitly create the default group so that 0 is not out of range, or...?

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Add the groups using the Smart Tag or in code and then assign. I do not believe there is a group set by default. Ensure that the control is in Details View.


ListView1.ShowGroups = True
ListView1.View = View.Details

Dim iFirstGroup As Integer, iSecondGroup As Integer

iFirstGroup = ListView1.Groups.Add(New ListViewGroup("Test 1"))
iSecondGroup = ListView1.Groups.Add(New ListViewGroup("Test 2"))

ListView1.Columns.Add("Test Col")

ListView1.Items.Add(New ListViewItem("I'm in Group 1") With {.Group = ListView1.Groups(iFirstGroup)})
ListView1.Items.Add(New ListViewItem("I'm in Group 2") With {.Group = ListView1.Groups(iSecondGroup)})


listView1.ShowGroups = true;
listView1.View = View.Details;

int iFirstGroup = 0;
int iSecondGroup = 0;

iFirstGroup = listView1.Groups.Add(new ListViewGroup("Test 1"));
iSecondGroup = listView1.Groups.Add(new ListViewGroup("Test 2"));

listView1.Columns.Add("Test Col");

ListViewItem lvi1 = new ListViewItem("I'm in Group 1");
lvi1.Group = listView1.Groups[iFirstGroup];

ListViewItem lvi2 = new ListViewItem("I'm in Group 2");
lvi2.Group = listView1.Groups[iSecondGroup];

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From MSDN:

To use the grouping feature, add one or more ListViewGroup objects to the Groups collection of a ListView control. Set the group header text and header alignment in the ListViewGroup constructor, or set them using the ListViewGroup.Header and ListViewGroup.HeaderAlignment properties.

So the example on MSDN can give you some advices.

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Thanks; I knew that, but also read there is a Default Group. I thought the default group should be at index 0 in the Groups array. – B. Clay Shannon Mar 30 '12 at 17:19

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