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Hi I have an Array of Featureset Id , My Vehicles table has got sub table as FeatureSets I wrote Sql Query Like

    SELECT [t0].[ID] 
FROM [dbo].[SearchResultView] AS [t0]
 Join [dbo].[VehicleFeatureSet] AS [t1] on t0.ID = t1.VehicleID
where t1.FeatureSetID = 1 and t1.FeatureSetID= 2 and t1.FeatureSetID= 3 

I tried. But I Couldn't

var features = Request.QueryString["FeatureSets"].Split(',').ToList().ConvertAll(new Converter<string, int>(StrinToint)); 
IQueryable<SearchResultView> result = db.SearchResultViews.Where(m => m.Active == true);

            foreach (var featuree in features)
                result = result.Where(m => m.VehicleFeatureSets.Any(c => c.FeatureSetID == featuree));

How Can I write this LINQ Query

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As pointed out by Mattytommo your SQL query contains a predicate that is always false (t1.FeatureSetID = 1 and ...). The funny thing is, I think your linq does exactly what you want to achieve, but of course the produced SQL is different. I think it contains EXISTSs, but it is supposed to contain them. This under the assumption that you want SearchResultView records that have both 1 and 2 and 3 in their VehicleFeatureSets. –  Gert Arnold Mar 30 '12 at 19:49

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Something like this? Although you're trying to match on the FeatureSetId being 1, 2 AND 3? I kept it as is, but they can be changed to an OR (||) instead if that's what you meant?

 var results = (from r in db.SearchResultViews
              join v in db.VehicleFeatureSet 
                 on r.ID equals v.VehicleID
              where r.Active 
                  && v.FeatureSetID == 1
                  && v.FeatureSetID == 2 
                  && v.FeatureSetID == 3
              select r.ID)

Edit: Okay, what I've now done is simply rewritten your foreach statement, you can replace it with the following:

results = features
    .Aggregate(results, (current, feature) => current
        .Where(v => v.VehicleFeatureSets
            .Any(vf => vf.VehicleFeatureSetId == feature))
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Hi Thank for answer but I cant Write this query. I have array of FeatureSetID . There are dynamic values. –  halit Mar 31 '12 at 7:33
Ah okay, check my edit that uses the VehicleFeatureSets property on the vehicle and uses the features list that was defined in your code. Hope that helps –  mattytommo Mar 31 '12 at 9:57
Hi @mattytommo thanks for help. I got error. "Local sequence cannot be used in LINQ to SQL implementations of query operators except the Contains operator." It didn't accept "Any" operator –  halit Apr 2 '12 at 8:37
@halit check my new Edit, if you just replace your foreach statement with that it should work. –  mattytommo Apr 2 '12 at 10:27
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I converted My LInq Query To Sql Query. Actually, I couldn't write LINQ Query for this :)

 SELECT  Vehicle.[ID]
  FROM [SearchResultView] as Vehicle 
 left Join VehicleFeatureSet vs on Vehicle.ID=vs.VehicleID where Vehicle.Active = 1
 AND vs.FeatureSetID IN( 1,5,7,9)  //  1,5,7,9 comes from array
group by Vehicle.[ID],[Make]
Having Count(vs.FeatureSetID) = 4 // length of my feature array
// sb = msSql query ,StringBuilder
// Then I used DataContext.ExecuteQuery()

Problem fixed thanks for helping.

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