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I am having trouble printing out individual Strings from Interable object. I have this given function prefixMatch(String someword) that returns Iterable (that keeps a LinkedList of Strings, I think). I have tried turning it into a list but it wont work. Dose anyone know how to get the Strings out of it one by one?

tst is a Ternary search tree

Iterable<String> words = tst.prefixMatch(word);
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If it's Iterable you can do an extended for on it.

Iterable<String> iterable;
for(String s : iterable){
    //Do whatever you want


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for (String s: words) {
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I think this will help you, here i am using Iterable.

TreeSet treeSet = new TreeSet<String>();

        Iterable<String> it = treeSet;

        Iterator iterator = it.iterator();
        while (iterator.hasNext()) {

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