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Does anyone know of a reliable java library that can be used for International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) validation?

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These might be worth a look:



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Brandon, your first link works fine (just downloads a jar file with no copyright etc, is this what you intended?) The second link though, is broken. Looks like Oracle doesn't like it much. –  Johan May 17 '11 at 8:46

Apache Commons Validator has IBAN validation (since version 1.4)

Home page: http://commons.apache.org/validator/

Javadoc: http://commons.apache.org/validator/api-1.4.0/org/apache/commons/validator/routines/checkdigit/IBANCheckDigit.html

Maven dependency:

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Apache Commons Validator is good for IBAN validation, but lacks BBAN structure validation (as specified in IBAN registry).

I have just released a library, named jbanking, that might suits your need. It contains routines for both IBAN and BIC validation. You can find it on github (https://github.com/marcwrobel/jbanking).

But note that you cannot have a reliable BIC / IBAN validation without using the IBAN Plus Directory (formely known as the BICplusIBAN Directory and the Bank directory Plus (formely known as the BIC directory). Both are provided and regularly updated by SWIFT which is the BIC / IBAN registrar. Unfortunately those directories are not available for free.

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iban4j might be good choice for IBAN validation.

home page: https://github.com/arturmkrtchyan/iban4j

Maven dependency:

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Hello, I just reviewed and finally decided to use your library. Nice work and simple API. Many thanks for sharing! –  javapapo Jun 27 at 18:23
Thanks a lot @javapapo –  Artur Mkrtchyan Jul 22 at 8:51

This library provides an IBAN class supporting BBAN structure validation.


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This is a library of utilities to assist with developing banking functionality. https://github.com/marcwrobel/jbanking

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