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I looked at django-celery tutorial and I think it will really help me running the background tasks without letting the users to wait. However, I have a specific requirement in the program such that when user enters a date, django should be able to do the scheduling and defer the execution to a later time. I have used at program before but it gives a lot of permission issues. But when I read the documentation for Celery, I can only see that Celery supports cron like tasks called @periodic_task. I'm sure that it also provides at like mechanism, but I couldn't find any documentation. Can anybody point me to some resources or simply tell me how to achieve that? Thanks.

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The docs state that you can schedule tasks to execute at a specific time, using the eta argument.

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eta argument link is dead. eta –  Ali Nik Jan 10 at 12:19

You can supply the countdown or ETA argument to the apply_async() function. By doing so, you can define the earliest time that the task is gonna be executed, but not the exact one (it depends on your queue). For more details see here.

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