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Anybody know a working example of Tab component in Tapestry? I found following examples on the net but either the source is not attached or the project is not working with latest Tatestry 5.3 release 1) http://tawus.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/a-tab-panel-for-tapestry/ :- No source code 2) http://wiki.apache.org/tapestry/Tapestry5HowToCreateATabPanel :- It has dependency on another project which is discontinued 3) chenillekit.org/chenillekit-tapestry/ref/org/chenillekit/tapestry/core/components/TabSet.html :- Not working with latest tapestry release Thanks, Manoj

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The tapestry5-jquery project has a tab component. See the demo here: http://tapestry5-jquery.com/components/docsjquerytabs

This project is very mature and widely adopted with the tapestry community and I would recommend on using their tab panel component.


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except that would require using jquery instead of the default prototypejs –  pstanton Mar 31 '12 at 6:43

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