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I'm trying to get the value of a form field on submit using jQuery. However when I try to alert it, it's shows up as undefined, with text in.

var title=jQuery('#fields[field_4f52672267672]').val();

It's got a funny ID though because I'm using a form plugin to create my form. When I inspect the element it simply shows the value attribute with no value beside it, even when it contains text. Can anyone explain what is going on please?

I've attached a screenshot of the field inspected with chrome's inspector panel.

enter image description here

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var title=jQuery('#fields\\[field_4f52672267672\\]').val();

Into selectors you have to escape with 2 backslashes.

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thank you so much, I had no idea! –  Nicola Mar 30 '12 at 19:36

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