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UPDATE: I found that, http://os.ivrpa.org/panosalado/wiki , has an implementation in java. Anyone who has something similar in c or c++?

I have this panorama, an spherical map from google streetview, and want to map this on a sphere/cube. Below are some examples and illustrations, what i seek is a library that can do it, or some implementation guides.


I tried http://krpano.com/docu/tutorials/quickstart/#top that gives the results listed at the bottom. It illustrates what i want, but the rotation axis is off. I need to create the views of direct ahead and back, left and right. Ideal i would like to map it to the sphere and tell it what angles to extract (the orientation of the cube).


Back Down Font Left Right Up

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The input image is 360x180 degree. –  pksorensen Mar 30 '12 at 19:20

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You could do this easily in POV-Ray putting the camera in the middle of a sphere mapped with your texture. See image_map map_type 1 and e.g this example.

But really this is very easy to implement yourself, assuming the input images are some sort of cylindrical equidistant or equirectangular projection: for each (x,y) in the output image you are rendering, just use the inverse formulas to compute a (longitude,latitude) in the input image and interpolate/copy over a pixel value.

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It looks interesting, but i think I am looking for a simpler solution, some c++ code where i can tweak the parameters and use it in my algorithm. Will see if others come with some answers before accepting. –  pksorensen Mar 30 '12 at 21:02

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