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How can I update a textbox or label (specfically an control) text property from the code in the silverlight control?

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You can do it calling javascript function from silverligt. Shortly it looks like this:

HtmlPage.Window.Invoke("globalJSMethod", stringParam);

Note that javascript method must be accessable from window - window.globalJSMethod(...) Check this walkthrough to see in details how to do this.

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Suggested solution:

I suppose that you could try to do it in two steps:

  • write a javascript function that updates a control based on a given parameter, let's name it updateControl:

    <script type="text/javascript">
        function updateControl(newValue)
            //update your control here with newValue parameter with javascript
  • in your Silverlight application (in the place you want to invoke the control value change) you should write:

    HtmlPage.Window.Invoke("updateControl", "this is a new value")

Another solution for page update only:

If you just need to refresh the page to get the value from other place, you can write in your Silverlight code:


In the postback, you could get this data and show it in the control.

References and useful resources:

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