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How could I use imagegrabscreen to get a thumbnail image and a full size image of a specific website.

I was thinking that I could have an array that I feed the wanted uri's into but I am a bit stuck on how I would set the wxh of the image I need to grab. I also think that I would need a thumbnail class and a fullimage class and call them when required.

Any better Ideas?

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You would have to open a browser, navigate it to the url, THEN use imagegrabscreen(). –  Mike B Mar 30 '12 at 19:14

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Keep in mind that imagaegrabscreen is Windows-only. If you have multiple displays set up, this function will only grab the primary display. Also, for this to work, your Apache service must be set to Allow service to interact with desktop otherwise you will just get a blank image.

This discussion covers the use of imagegrabscreen pretty well: Getting imagegrabscreen to work

There are a lot of other discussions about saving webpages as images, too - here are a few:

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