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I'd like to decompile a javassist proxy to understand what ProxyFactory.makeForwarder actually does. I see that it's possible to write class bytecode to an OutputStream from CtClass but cannot figure out how to create a CtClass if one starts with ProxyFactory.createClass() - mimicking how Hibernate uses javassist. Here's what I tried:

public void testProxyToDisk() throws Exception {
    ProxyFactory f = new ProxyFactory();
    f.setFilter(new MethodFilter() {
        public boolean isHandled(Method m) {
            // ignore finalize()
            return !m.getName().equals("finalize");
    Class<?> proxyClass = f.createClass();
    ClassPool classPool = ClassPool.getDefault();
    ClassLoader classLoader = ProxyFactory.classLoaderProvider.get(f);
    classPool.appendClassPath(new LoaderClassPath(classLoader));
    CtClass ctClass = classPool.get(proxyClass.getName());  //barfs here    

and here's the result.

javassist.NotFoundException: javassist.jassist_163.Product_$$_javassist_0 at javassist.ClassPool.get( at javassist.jassist_163.Find2MethodsPerfTest.testProxyToDisk(

Test class and Product class are in the same package (javassist.jassist_163), fwiw. Thank you.

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i should have been more patient: setting ProxyFactory.writeDirectory does the trick

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