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I want to start developing graphic programing using OpenGl

To kick start I am following OpenGL

I came across programing with GLUT and without GLUT but as being new to OpenGL in am even more confuse how to go with it?

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GLUT is the OpenGL Utility Toolkit

It does stuff like this:

  • Multiple windows for OpenGL rendering
  • Callback driven event processing
  • Sophisticated input devices
  • An 'idle' routine and timers
  • A simple, cascading pop-up menu facility
  • Utility routines to generate various solid and wire frame objects
  • Support for bitmap and stroke fonts
  • Miscellaneous window management functions

You can find more about it here.

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GLUT was designed as a lib for simple demos and tutorials. Maybe one cannot create full AAA game title using it... but for learning/teaching it is a great tool.

GLUT is very old right now, so look for FreeGlut which is an alternative that handles not only basic GLUT features but also gives some more advanced features: like fullscreen game mode, etc.

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