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How do I check what tableview is the current one in a segue? Since UISearchDisplayController activates its own tableview, I get another array with results.

This is the code I tried, but it doesn't work.

- (void)prepareForSegue:(UIStoryboardSegue *)segue sender:(id)sender {
    if ([[segue identifier] isEqualToString:@"showDetails"]) {        
        NSIndexPath *indexPath = [self.tableView indexPathForSelectedRow];    
        if (self.tableView == [[self searchDisplayController]searchResultsTableView]) {
        DetailViewController *detailViewController = [segue destinationViewController];
        detailViewController.myObject = [mySearchArray objectAtIndex:indexPath.row];
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According to Apple website, inside the method:

- (NSInteger)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView numberOfRowsInSection:(NSInteger)section {...}

you would check the tableView

if (tableView == self.tableView) {
    return ...;
// If necessary (if self is the data source for other table views),
// check whether tableView is searchController.searchResultsTableView.
return ...;
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