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How do I make both of the fieldsets be the height of the tallest one? Here's the code, which can also be seen at

<div id="parent">

    <fieldset id="left">
        <p>line 1</p>
        <p>line 2</p>
        <p>line 3</p>

    <fieldset id="right">
        <p>line 1</p>


fieldset {
    border: 1px solid green;
    width: 48%;
    position: relative;

#parent {
    float: left;
    width: 600px;
    position: relative;

#left {
    float: left;

#right {
    float: left;
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Possible dup of…,…, more. I suppose people keep asking this because there's no great, canonical solution. I like the faux-columns approach. – ben author Mar 30 '12 at 19:57

You can do this by using jquery as following:

var fieldSets = $("fieldset").toArray();
var highest = 0;
for(var i=0; i< fieldSets.length; i++){
    var tempHeight = $(fieldSets[i]).height();
    if(tempHeight > highest){
        highest = tempHeight;
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