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I'm using the Weka 3.6 GUI to compare the performance of a group of supervised learning algorithms on a dataset. I'm generating separate ROC curves for each learning algorithm. My problem is: is there a way in Weka to generate all ROC curves for all algorithms on the same set of scales (which would make for easier comparison)? If not, what could I do? Thanks.

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As far as my experience tells me- No. You can view ROC of one classifier at a time not ROCs of all classifiers in one place. However, to compare, you can take the ROC value from the classifier tab and compare the values (closer to 1 means good classifier).

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This is possible. You need to use the KnowledgeFlow GUI though instead of the Experimenter.

In KnowledgeFlow you can load your dataset and perform different algorithms on it. The result of each algorithm can then be combined into the same Model PerformanceChart resulting in a plot which combines the multiple ROC curves. Detailed steps can be found in section 4.2 in this guide.

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This link is working (for now): software.ucv.ro/~eganea/AIR/KnowledgeFlowTutorial-3-5-8.pdf –  Vladtn Aug 24 '13 at 13:04
@Vladtn I've tried your nice tutorial on multiple training set and one test set, unfortunately, I did not get multiple curves! –  M.M Mar 18 '14 at 20:08

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