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Hi I have a text file (one word per line) and I want to search it. I am using the following code but that only searches the last line. Can anyone help? Thanks

    $lines = file('names.txt');
$uid = $_POST['name'];
$found = false;

foreach ($lines as $line){
    if ($line == $uid)
        $found = true;

if ($found)
    echo 'YES';
    echo 'NO';
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Nothing wrong with your approach, but you need to strip the newline feeds at the end of the lines:

if (trim($line) == $uid)
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Thanks that worked a treat –  Matt9Atkins Mar 30 '12 at 20:08

Or use file('names.txt',FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES); that prevents a newline at the end of each array element.

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Make var_dump of $lines for see if is array or not? If not than file not seperated \r\n

and for compare string use http://php.net/manual/ru/function.strcasecmp.php

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