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I'm creating a java desktop application that draws a map in a JFrame designing a country at a time.

After closing the region region.closePath(); I need to know if a point is inside the region last drawn.

In JavaScript, there was the element canvas2d the function isPointInPath(x, y).

Is there something similar in java Graphics2D?

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Sorry! I expressed myself poorly. It's a desktop application. I will edit. – matheusvmbruno Apr 2 '12 at 11:15

Sure. There's a contains(x,y) method for the region.

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Yes! the contains method worked! In my situation i was using setTransform. I had to convert the point to the correct proportion of matrix. Like it reg.contains(x / this.Matrix[0], y / this.Matrix[3]) – matheusvmbruno Apr 2 '12 at 14:21
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In my situation i was using the setTransform method.

So, to contains method works correctly, i had to convert the point to the correct proportion of matrix.

Like that:

reg.contains(x / this.Matrix[0], y / this.Matrix[3])
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