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I have a file that defines constant variables, like this:




And I have a function which parses $var as the constant variable name, like this:

function something($var=''){


// $var is the name of one of the variables I am defining in the other file (define_vars.php)
// So $var may have a value of "something3", which is the name of one of the constants defined in the other file...


I need to somehow get the value of the constant, when $var holds the name of the constant I wish to get the value of....make sense? :S

Any Ideas?

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You want constant()

constant($var); // value
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Feel like such an idiot...Thanks a bunch xD –  user849137 Mar 30 '12 at 21:25


function something($var) {
    if (defined($var)) {
        $value = constant($var);

Also you should make sure that the file with the definitions gets included only once, so use require_once('define_vars.php'); instead.

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Use constant() to get the value. You could do something like this

function something($var = '') {
    include_once('define_vars.php'); //you don't want to include the file more than once or it will cause a fatal error when trying to redefine your constants
    return (defined($var) ? constant($var) : null);
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