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I'm using JQuery in my application of Form Buildr I have used the Clean calendar.js file and it works fine. Like when i click on a textbox of class CalendarSelectDate it will popup a calendar and i can choose the date value and the selected value will appear on the Textbox..

I am trying to get the changed value of the Textbox.. I do not know what event it is ..And how to get that selected date..

Please suggest me...

My code is

  <input type="text" value="" style="width: 200px;" 
     class="calendarSelectDate" id="5" name="data[Result][Untitled Date 1]"/>
 <div id="calendarDiv"> //this is where my calendar pops up.

and using the plugin http://marcgrabanski.com/pages/code/clean-calendar

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If you are using jQuery's UI Datepicker you can bind something to the onSelect event:

    onSelect: function() {

If it's some other plugin, you can simply use the change event:

$('.calendarSelectDate').somedatepicker().change(function() {
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Actually i m using the Clean calendar of marcgrabanski.com/pages/code/clean-calendar –  Jasmine Jun 15 '09 at 8:55

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