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I'm sure I am missing something obvious, but How do you provide the moveTo functionality like a djxmLineItem has in javascript in the case where I need to use a button to set fields in addition to switching mobile pages?

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You can't use server side to execute the mobile moveTo as these actons are handle by dojo client side code.

One option I've used in the past is to use a document "postSaveDocument" to call the moveTo.


<xp:dominoDocument .....>
       <xe:moveTo ...>

In my example I needed to maually add some data to a document with server side code ad faced the same issue, I found this to be a good solution as it won't run until the document has been saved, meaning all validation will run fine.

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Thanks this is what I was actually going for, should have been more clear with my question –  Erik Sabaitis Apr 5 '12 at 15:46

You can compute the moveTo property and thereby set fields before moving to the desired XPage.

Have a look at the answer here: XPages Mobile Controls - how to program the Back button

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