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if i have a few source/target divs connected up, and i have the connections near each other (the transparent svg-line container rectangles overlapping), with a click event bound to all connections, i am only able to click on connections that do not have a transparent container in front of them from another connection. it seems that i am unable to click on connection lines that display within the transparent container area of a jsplumb line that is drawn in front of them. if i position a source/target pair to extend the connection line so that i can click on a portion of that line that is outside of an offending transparent area, it registers as expected.

thus, if i have 7 divs with multiple connections between them, and i arrange them so that the various connection lines overlap or come near each other, it seems i can only click on the line that is drawn last (the one visually on top of the rest). none of the lines under this top one respond unless i can click on a portion of a line that is not drawn underneath any line-containers above.

i hope that is a clear explanation. this only seems to be happening in safari (testing in 5.1.2)/mobile safari (ios5) so far -- in chrome and firefox i can click on any connection lines with the exact same arrangement, nothing is "blocked", so i can see how beautifully it COULD work :).

i'm using latest jquery, jquery ui, jquery-touch-punch (for ios source/ target dragging, working great!).

any thoughts on how to counter this blocking behavior? ipad support is important for my application, as is of course safari. canvas mode seems to resolve the issue, so i may just resort to that, and i have not yet tested internet explorer 9.

you can see an example of this happening here: http://jsplumb.org/jquery/dynamicAnchorsDemo.html

if you drag box 4 down so its connecting lines pass through the connection between 5 and 6, you should see that the lines between 2 and 4 or 1 and 4 are not clickable near the area where they cross under the line between 5 and 6 (issue only present in safari, if switched to canvas rendering mode seems ok in safari).

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canvas mode doesn't respond to taps on the connections on ipad :( –  dshuta Mar 30 '12 at 21:39
well, the svg mode works fine in safari 5.0, busted in 5.1. frickin' frack. –  dshuta Mar 30 '12 at 21:50

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