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I'd like to add nunit testing to a VS2005 C# ASP.NET website project - so that I can excercise methods in the App_Code directory. It's recommended that the tests are added as a seperate assembly so that the testing code does not get delivered with the website - in this lies my question:

When I add a new project into the solution which holds the website and try to add a reference to the website project it does not show up in the projects tab - is it possible to reference a website project from another project (without having to convert the website project into a web application project)?

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Cheers Magnus. I extracted the classes (moving the Website project down a folder level within it's original folder in wwwroot so that the ClassLibrarys could sit next to it - to fit with our SVN deployment useage). As an added bonus to the ability to Unit Test is the fact that it has also increased compilation speed - quite significantly on slower PCs. –  Paul H Sep 16 '09 at 10:39

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I would recommend you to extract the classes you have in your App_Code folder and place them in a separate project. Reference that new project in your web project. You will now have a better separation of your projects and classes, and can unit test your classes separately.

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