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I'm looking for documentation on C++ code for file and directory implementation into C++ programs.

I like going to cplusplus.com because of the documents and examples they have, but I can't find documentation on dirent.h, I'm not even sure it's all that great.

I'm looking to have a program able to see inside a directory, meaning obtaining a list of the files and sub-directories within, plus being able to get the modify/creation date of such things. I program in Ubuntu Linux.

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You can try man dirent.h –  Kerrek SB Mar 30 '12 at 23:18

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Go to terminal, type man dirent, press enter and read it. If your distribution didn't install manpages for some reason, it won't be available. But in this case you can google it.

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Do you use Boost? If so, check out the filesystem library!


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