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I'm looking to create a single page for a school event where basically I would like to display all the pictures of tweets with an specific hashtag, and if possible any youtube or vimeo video.

I'm been taking a look to the twitter API, however I cannot find an starting point, does anyone has any idea about to approach this?

I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

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You may find this article helpful to grab pictures mentioned in a tweet via Twitter's JSONP feed for a specific search term or hashtag.

This is the part of the feed for a single Tweet containing the media object that holds info about images -

"text": "#Photos on Twitter: taking flight",
"entities": {
  "media": [
      "id": 76360760611180544,
      "id_str": "76360760611180544",
      "media_url": "",
      "media_url_https": "",
      "url": "",
      "display_url": "",
      "expanded_url": "",
      "sizes": {
        "large": {
          "w": 700,
          "resize": "fit",
          "h": 466
        "medium": {
          "w": 600,
          "resize": "fit",
          "h": 399
        "small": {
          "w": 340,
          "resize": "fit",
          "h": 226
        "thumb": {
          "w": 150,
          "resize": "crop",
          "h": 150
      "type": "photo",
      "indices": [
  "urls": [
  "user_mentions": [
  "hashtags": [


There doesn't appear anything similar for videos but you can look into the "urls" array within "entities" to check for references to YouTube video links.

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how can i get small image size?any idea? – Leonardo Da Codinchi May 21 '14 at 7:19
There is a "video" type for media in the Twitter documentation currently however I am only getting "photo" even if the tweet contains a video. – jeraldo Feb 24 '15 at 3:15

Sorry this isn't a direct answer.

I recently did something similar with Instagram (displaying images based off hastags).

I used a jQuery plug in that was almost too easy to set up. You basically just fill in what hashtag you want, and the limit of photos to display in a simple function and it's good to go.

Perhaps there is something similar for twitter?

Best of luck.

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could you share that plugin? I'd appreciate it :)! – andresmijares25 Mar 31 '12 at 4:45

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