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I am generating an email with dynamic content from a Haml template which parses info from an array.

Basically, the Haml receives an array filled with several hashes. In the code I have a block which looks like this:

  =arrayname.each do |object|

Whenever the email is sent the entire object arrayname is included at the bottom of the HTML. This causes [#,#] (more # when there are more objects) to show up at the top of the block. There is no way to manipulate this piece of text with CSS, else I would've just hidden it.

[#<Release @id=181 @title="test" @amurl="" @iturl="" @cover="" @date="2012-03-28" @artist_name="Test">, #<Release @id=182 @title="test" @amurl="" @iturl="" @cover="" @date="2012-03-31" @artist_name="Test">]

The line is identical to the results shown when executing the code in IRB.

Can anyone tell me how to prevent this from happening?

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With Haml, you don't need to use an = for arrayname.each because that's Ruby code you want run, but not displayed. To just run code, use a hyphen.

Instead, this should work:

  - arrayname.each do |object|
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Pork me sideways. I should have either read the Haml reference better or posted on here earlier. The silly things I have tried... Thanks a lot! – gagootch Mar 31 '12 at 0:13

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