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I want to plot on a standard Cartesian plane, so 1 unit on x axis has the same length as 1 unit on y axis. I also use the navigate plugin to zoom and pan. Is there anyway I can have this constraint? can't find anything about this in Flot api.


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I had to do something similar and this was the first test: fiddle
The main point is that you set the max values for the axis in the same ratio as the width and height of your placeholder div:

options.xaxes[0].max = options.yaxes[0].max * $('#ph').width() / $('#ph').height();
$.plot($('#ph'), data, options);
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in your fiddle ,you have to include jquery.flot.navigate.js unless it won't work.here is edited fiddle jsfiddle.net/mBcPb/1 –  Thusitha Sumanadasa Jun 16 '14 at 8:38
@ThusithaSumanadasa my fiddle works for the aspect ratio, but did not include zooming and panning. –  Raidri Jun 16 '14 at 8:50
@Raidri- I mentioned it because ,you adds zooming and panning to your fiddle.If you don't include jquery.flot.navigate.js to your fiddle,adding zoom and pan properties are useless –  Thusitha Sumanadasa Jun 16 '14 at 13:17

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