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Getting friends of friend are pretty easy, I got this which seems to work great.

g.v(1).in('FRIEND').in('FRIEND').filter{it != g.v(1)}

But what I want to do is only get friends of friends that have the same interests. Below I want Joe to be suggested Moe but not Noe because they do not have the same interest.

Drawing of graph

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You simply need to extend your gremlin traversal to go over the LIKES edges too:

g.v(1).in('FRIEND').in('FRIEND').filter{it != g.v(1)}.dedup() \
       as('friend').in('LIKES').out('LIKES').filter{it == g.v(1)}. \

Basically this goes out to friends of friends, as you had before and saves the position in the pipe under the name friend. It then goes out to mutual likes and searches for the original source node. If it finds one it jumps back friend. The dedup() just removes duplicates and may speed up traversals.

The directionality of this may not be 100% correct as you haven't indicated direction of edges in your diagram.

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Sorry I forgot to add arrows, that would have helped. In my model FRIEND is bi-directional and LIKE starts with the User node and ends with the Language one. So this worked: g.v(1).in('FRIEND').in('FRIEND').filter{it != g.v(1)}.dedup().as('fof').out('LIKES').in('LIKES').filter{it == g.v(1)}.back('fof').dedup() –  rball Apr 2 '12 at 20:54

Does this have to be in Gremlin? If Cypher is acceptable, you can do:

START s=node(Joe)
MATCH s-[:FRIEND]-()-[:FRIEND]-fof, s-[:LIKES]-()-[:LIKES]-fof
WHERE s != fof
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I'm using the neo4jClient so I can try this if I can't get the other one to work. Thanks –  rball Apr 1 '12 at 0:02

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