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I have two factories defined (there are others not shown) as follows:

Jobseekers & SavedSearch

FactoryGirl.define do
  factory :job_seeker do
    type Role::JOB_SEEKER_TYPE
    commenced_on { rand(60).days.ago }

  factory :saved_search do
    title   { Faker::Company.bs + ' title' }
    association :job_seeker
    saved_on    { rand(10).days.ago }

If I instantiate a jobseeker using the FactoryGirl step definitions like so:

Given 1 job seeker exists

Then when I do:

Given 3 saved searches exist

I get 3 saved_searches OK, but all with new job_seekers (as it should be, as expressed) - but not what I want.

All searches must reference the first job seeker already instantiated.

How can I reference the original job_seeker factory (already instantiated) in the association with :saved_search.


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It does what it's supposed to. job_seeker { JobSeeker.first || association(:job_seeker) } fixed the problem.

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