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I have some questions about how to implement some du function in UNIX shell (/bin/sh) when I want to write a script to exec some commands.

1)To avoid confusion with the real du command, how can I name that du to a new name like e.g."disku"?

2)I want to use "getopt" to accept a command line argument that specifies the name of a starting directory in either absolute or relative notation. (e.g. If the present working directory is /home and we wanted to process directory /home/foo and all of its subdirectories, the command line could be:

disku -d /home/foo or
disku -d foo or
disku -d ./foo
All three forms must work.)

so how can write in a script that list each file in the directory and report its size as the number of 512 byte units rounded up to the next 512 byte unit.

SO How can I use the built-in getopt function to parse command line argument.?

then how can I implementation of the h and -s options?


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This is a little broad . . . firstly it seems that you have two unrelated questions, and then the second question doesn't really show what you've tried so far. I'd break this question down into more bite-sized chunks of work. – dsolimano Mar 31 '12 at 20:41

1) To set du to new name like disku use alias

alias disku=du

Put it in some startup scripts to make it consistent across sessions

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