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I am trying to connect jsjac to openfire server. with very little success of course.

I have a apache server which redirects requests to my front end jsps hosted in a tomcat within eclipse and also binds requests to XMPP server.

Here is my virtual host mapping in config file:

ServerName ualbanybook.com AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 ProxyRequests On ProxyPass /miniFaceBook http://localhost:8080/miniFaceBook ProxyPassReverse /miniFaceBook http://localhost:8080/miniFaceBook RewriteEngine on RewriteRule /http-bind/ http://localhost:8181/http-bind/ [P]

The next image shows both the request url and error code on trying to register. error

The next snapshot of snapshot of chrome dev tool shows that the request to register was indeed sent and the browser reciEenter image description hereved a response 200 OK.

I have configured port 8181 for http-binding in openfire. Any pointers/help will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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in host file , i have mapped ualbanychat.com to localhost . All servers are running on local host –  Rpant Mar 31 '12 at 3:19

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All these settings started later after clearing chrome cache. Also connected ijab later. These settings can also serve as a guide to someone looking to setup openfire to a web client.

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