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i have an equation that requires a number to be multiplied by itself for the given number of times , like:

 2 ^ 5

but if i implement the carrot '^' sign it doesnt give the required result ...

am i doing it wrong ?

if so what will be the correct expression for it?

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+1 for "carrot" :D I think you mean "caret" - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caret –  Paul Suart Jun 15 '09 at 10:08

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In C#, ^ is the 'exclusive or' operator. For exponentiation you need to use Math.Pow():

double d = Math.Pow(2, 5);

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thank's , i'm new to c# so having trouble figuring such things out .. ;) –  jarus Jun 15 '09 at 10:10

Use Math.Pow(2, 5)

The carrot sign "^" is used for boolean and bitwise exclusive-OR operations. Your idea that it's used to calculate the power comes from VB/VB.NET.

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thank you , Dave ;) –  jarus Jun 15 '09 at 10:11

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