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Is it possible to use soundex to compare portion of a column with search term? For example if a user searches "fiftythree" - it will find "Nirve Sports Fifty-Three Cruiser in Gold Metallic". I tried combining soundex with locate function but got an error. Here is my php code:

$soundex = soundex($keyword);
$soundexPrefix = substr($soundex, 0, 2); 
$sql = "SELECT name ".
"FROM products WHERE SOUNDEX(LOCATE('$keyword', name)) LIKE '%$soundexPrefix%'";
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You'll need to break up each word and do the SOUNDEX comparison, which is exactly what this function I'm going to tell you about does.

Using the function

Example usage: SELECT p.name FROM products p WHERE soundex_match('fiftythree', p.name, ' ')

It takes 3 arguments:

  • needle: The word you are looking for
  • haysack: The string of words among which you are searching
  • splitChar: The whitespace charater that’ll split the string into single words. Generally it is the space(‘ ‘)

If any word in haystack sounds similar to needle, the function will return 1 and 0 otherwise.

Creating the function in your database

So go into your database (phpMyAdmin or the command line) and execute this, you only need to do it this one time):

drop function if exists soundex_match;
delimiter $$
create function soundex_match (needle varchar(128), haystack text, splitChar varchar(1)) returns tinyint
    declare spacePos int;
    declare searchLen int default length(haystack);
    declare curWord varchar(128) default '';
    declare tempStr text default haystack;
    declare tmp text default '';
    declare soundx1 varchar(64) default soundex(needle);
    declare soundx2 varchar(64) default '';

    set spacePos = locate(splitChar, tempStr);

    while searchLen > 0 do
      if spacePos = 0 then
        set tmp = tempStr;
        select soundex(tmp) into soundx2;
        if soundx1 = soundx2 then
          return 1;
          return 0;
        end if;
      end if;

      if spacePos != 0 then
        set tmp = substr(tempStr, 1, spacePos-1);
        set soundx2 = soundex(tmp);
        if soundx1 = soundx2 then
          return 1;
        end if;
        set tempStr = substr(tempStr, spacePos+1);
        set searchLen = length(tempStr);
      end if;

      set spacePos = locate(splitChar, tempStr);

    end while;

    return 0;

delimiter ;


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Works great except it doesn't pickup words that have registered and trademark symbols(™, ®) and my product titles have a lot of those. – dmitrymar Apr 2 '12 at 14:15
Best thing to do in this case is so strip those characters from the haystack sent to the function. – msigman Apr 2 '12 at 15:21
Thanks for the quick response. Now I need to sort it by products that most closely match the searched word. So for example if a person puts "swin" then "schwinn" would be on top of list and "swen" at the bottom. Any ideas? – dmitrymar Apr 2 '12 at 21:59

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