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I am trying to read exif tags to determine where a picture was clicked, in Android. This is the code:

ExifInterface exif = new ExifInterface(path);
float[] latlong = new float[2];
if(exif.getLatLong(latlong)) {  
       Log.e("DATA!!", Float.toString(latlong[0]));
       Log.e("DATA!!", Float.toString(latlong[1]));
       Log.e("DATA!!", "Tag data not found");

The problem is, it always goes to the else condition. Exif never saves the location info. I checked that the GPS is on and my app has permission to access the GPS (though I don't think that's necessary). What am I missing here?

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I just realized that geotagging was disabled for images. It works fine when I turned it on. Sorry for missing this.

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