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I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong in this template.

Here's my data:

  var movies = [
    "title": "The Matrix",
    "characters": ['neo', 'trinity', 'morpheous', 'agent smith'],
    "year": 2001
    "title": "The Simpsons Movie",
    "characters": ['homer', 'marge', 'bart', 'lisa', 'maggie'],
    "year": 20010

Here's my template:

<script id="template" type="template/underscore">
<% _.each(movies, function (movie) { %>
    <% _.each(characters, function(name) { %>
    <% }); %>
<% }); %>

And here's the compilation:

var template = $.trim( $('#template').html() );
var content = _.template(template, movies);

I'm getting the error: movies is not defined. Any help would be awesome!

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Would just like to clarify that OP is not using Backbone in this example so "Collection" does not refer to a Backbone collection –  IcedDante Nov 27 '14 at 16:00

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The template is looking for the key 'movies' in your parameters but isn't finding it! You need to wrap movies in a context/params var, eg:

var content = _.template(template, {movies: movies});
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The template can't "see" the fact that your context variable is named "movies". You need to pass an object with an actual property named "movies".

var context = {movies: movies};
var content = _.template(template, context);
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Awesome! Thanks so much! –  Costa Mar 31 '12 at 19:57

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