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I have an IP like this "" how can I remove the leading zeros to get this ""? For now i use regex like this

Regex.Replace("", "0*([0-9]+)", "${1}")

Is there any other way to achieve this result without using regex?

I use visual C# 3.0 for this code

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Yes, there's a much better way than using regular expressions for this.

Instead, try the System.Net.IpAddress class.

There is a ToString() method that will return a human-readable version of the IP address in its standard notation. This is probably what you want here.

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thanks for very fast respose.. :) –  mad madane Mar 31 '12 at 5:53
I'm concerned with Brent's answer. I have the problem with IPAddress.Parse. leading zeroes interpret as Octal. so how ToString is going to help since it needs an IPAddress first and that to make one from a string you need to Parse first. unfortunately, that is where this answer fails. –  v.oddou Mar 15 '13 at 3:59
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The IP Address object will treat a leading zero as octal, so it should not be used to remove the leading zeros as it will not handle


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