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I have a class that uses "org.apache.ant" and the class is very simple, it's not even in a package.

So I simply use javac MyClass.java to compile it, of course, I got this error saying package "org.apache.ant" not found.

I've downloaded the artifact. So how do I specify the source of the library in the javac command?


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Use classpath to include the package after you compile.

It might look something like this...

javac -classpath .;org.apache.ant.jar MyClass
java -classpath .;org.apache.ant.jar MyClass

Refer to this link for more information. Help with packages in java - import does not work

Update Following the Ant Installation tips here. https://supportweb.cs.bham.ac.uk/docs/tutorials/docsystem/build/tutorials/ant/ant.html

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