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I have a whole android project code,it is very different from google's,because a team have developed on it for one year.Now I decide to use git instead of svn.And I want to use repo script to maintain the project.How to transfer?I've try to mirror a git server from Google via

repo init -u https://android.googlesource.com/mirror/manifest --mirror

then build my branch,but when I merge my project code to it,it is too difficult. Is there a easy way?Thanks!

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I am working on this same issue, the most progress I have made is due to this google group discussion.

From what I can tell you are going to have to maintain projects individually using git (I think you can do a repo start instead of git branch to setup your branches, then when you are ready to push changes you can use git push to the mirror. The thing you can gain from the repo script is the ability to use repo sync to sync all of the projects, and repo start to make new branches.

Could you be more specific about the problem you ran into with the merge? I may be able to help more on that front.

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