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Consider the following arbitrary line of code:

$object = new My_Object();

In Netbeans you are able to right click on 'My_Object' and select the 'Select in Projects' option from the menu that appears. This will open the class file for the 'My_Object' class in the editor for you (provided that you have your paths set up correctly)

My question is: Is there a feature or plugin for Netbeans that would create the My_Object class file automatically if it does not already exist? (or at least prompt you if you want to create it)

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It already exists. When you instanciate an new object that has not been defined, put your cursor on this line. Then on the left bar (where line numbers are) you'll see a light bulb, click on it on choose

Create class "My_Object" in ...

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This was very helpful thanks! I work with Zend Framework and found Zend_Tool to provide even more useful functionality. A useful tutorial to set up Zend_Tool with Netbeans is here: – Nada_Surf Apr 1 '12 at 8:07

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