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If String contains lots of DoubleQuotes how to delete particular DoubleQuote using C#

Requirement :

Normal :

Update "3D Text 1" "Text="3D Text"","Weight=Normal","Italics=False","Name=Arial","Base Embedding=Left to Right","Size=50"

Output Will have to come like this

Update "3D Text 1" "Text=3D Text","Weight=Normal","Italics=False","Name=Arial","Base Embedding=Left to Right","Size=50"

Here I removed the Double Quotes in 3D Text; is it possible to do this programmatically? I dont want to remove all the DoubleQuotes.

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Without understanding the proper syntax rules for a well-formed string, it will be difficult to determine which quotes are desired and which aren't.

Perhaps you can move further up the process and remove the quotes before forming string?

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This is not the solution sir..I need to remove this after execution ..i have to get whole line as a script and have to split things up.Because this is used in Powershell. –  Aravind Srinivas Apr 2 '12 at 6:08
I hand you a piece of paper with the numbers 91735712 and ask you to add the three numbers up. What's the answer? –  Sprague Apr 10 '12 at 20:20

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