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Is there an easy way to add line number information to created nodes in the tree grammar?

e.g. parser grammar

rule: a '+' b -> ^(PLUS a b);

tree grammar:

rule: ^(PLUS a b) { print_message_with_line_number_of(a); };

I tried looking into a.start.token, etc., but the ones I looked at were nulls.

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If the parser rule a contains a real token as its root, then this works:

 : ^(PLUS a b) {System.out.println("line=" + $a.start.getLine());}

However, if a has an imaginary token as its root:

grammar T;

tokens {

a : SomeToken -> ^(IMAG SomeToken)

then the token IMAG has (obviously) no line number associated with it (it's not really in the input after all!). In such cases, you need to manually create a token, set a line number to that token, and insert it in the root of your AST. That would look like:

grammar T;

tokens {

@parser::members {
  private CommonToken token(String text, int type, int line) {
    CommonToken t = new CommonToken(type, text);
    return t;

a : SomeToken -> ^({token("imag", IMAG, $SomeToken.getLine())} SomeToken)

That way, the root IMAG will get the same line number as SomeToken.

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thanks a lot. none of the tutorials i found mentions that and reading the class reference is a tough proposition when learning. –  Baczek Apr 2 '12 at 20:16
You're welcome @Baczek. –  Bart Kiers Apr 2 '12 at 21:01

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