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It worked in the previous rails version. I can't find a solution for this.


    validate  :branches_cannot_be_empty

    def branches_cannot_be_empty
       errors.add(:branches, "can't be empty") if branches.blank?

    #View HAML
     = f.label(:branch, "Assign to Branch")
     -if @march.branch_ids.include? ( )
      =check_box_tag "branches[#{}]", 1, true
      =check_box_tag "branches[#{}]"
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You cannot validate a checkbox like this - in a rails form (as well as most other frameworks, eg .net web forms) always send a value back for a checkbox.

When you render a checkbox, a hidden field is also rendered with the value of false. So if the checkbox is checked, you get a value of true but if a checkbox is not checked, you get the value of false not blank.

Read the gotcha section of the rails documentation here -->

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