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I have players and fixtures that are in a HABTM relationship. This works well however when I am trying to add more that one player to the fixture using the following in my create new fixture view:

<li>Player 1<%= f.collection_select(:player_ids, Player.all, :id, :first_name, :prompt => true) %></li>

Only one player is submitted.


I have this at the moment in my fixture Controller

def create

@fixtures = Fixture.new(params[:fixture])
if @fixtures.save
  flash[:notice] = "Fixture Created"
  redirect_to(:action =>'list')


<%=form_for(@fixtures, :url => {:action =>'create'}) do |f| %>
<li>Player 1<%= f.collection_select(:player_ids, Player.all, :id, :first_name, :prompt => true) %></li>
<li>Player 2<%= f.collection_select(:player_ids, Player.all, :id, :first_name, :prompt => true) %></li>
<li>Player 3<%= f.collection_select(:player_ids, Player.all, :id, :first_name, :prompt => true) %></li>

Could anyone help me out? I would prefer check boxes or a multiple select box where i could hold shift however I am finding these really hard to use. This I managed to submit values.


If anyone needs any more informations on controllers or models I can edit these in to the quesiton

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You need appropriate naming of fields. Each select must have name like fixture[player_ids][]

I doubt this is possible with #collection_select method, try more common #select_tag instead

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Naming of fields being where I have put player 1 at the moment? Tried this however to no avail. I am not sure where to put this however I sort of know what you are tring to do. –  JPKnegte Mar 31 '12 at 10:43
Hi, I had a similar issue recently which drove me crazy. Mine was a naming issue...As Mik_Die suggested, it is most probably a naming issue. Pls post you controller and view (includind form_for) code. Maybe one of us could suggest a solution. –  Prashanth Mar 31 '12 at 12:14
I have added these :) Thank you very much –  JPKnegte Mar 31 '12 at 12:47

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