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I know that to set the outdir from Erlang shell I need to do somethig like this:

c(some_module, [{outdir, "./beams"}]).

It works fine but now I want to set the outdir from the module using module attribute -compile. I'm doing:

-compile([export_all, {outdir, "./beams"}]).

%% here goes functions

But it doesn't work: folder "./beams is empty, but export_all flag is working. What am I doing wrong?

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I am not sure if this is correct syntax. What is sure, it works with Emakefile:

{'src/*', [{outdir, "ebin"},

mantain following directory tree:

├── Emakefile
├── ebin
├── include
└── src

and use:

erl -make

It will place beams in ebin.

What I recommend in general is switching to Rebar. It will do all for you, and make the package compatible with erlang deployment policy.

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