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I'm trying to develop a robot simulator. He can move inside a virtual world (100x100 char matrix). I can give him orders like "move right 50 positions", "move left 80 positions", etc.

I've got all this stuff done. The problem is that I want to show the final position of the robot in the screen by storing an "x" char in its final position.

For example, assume that its final position is (50,50), I should store a x char in the world[50][50].

I've tried by doing:


But it does not work.

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A char is represented by 'x' in C. "x" is a string. You should use single quotes on the assignment.

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Single quotes:

world[50][50] = 'x'.
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double quotes "x" - is a string, mean that "x" = 'x' + '\0'.

single quotes 'x' - is a single char 'x' = 120 .

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Since its a char matrix so use single quotes(' ') instead of double quotes.


this will solve your problem.

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